The Bible(The Book), which is the source of Christianity has an incredible life transforming power. The Bible presents the past, present and the future. The Bible is the light which exposes darkness and the Bible is the truth which condemns lies, the Bible is Just and Righteous which removes unjust and unrighteousness. The Bible is the Voice of God which performs His predestined will. The Christians believe the Bible alone is the supreme commander which leads to joyous and happy life forever and ever. The Bible has many things to say as it is considered as the history book and the prophetic book wherein everything is explained in symbols. The symbolic and figurative language of the Bible challenges the souls in arranging the events in the logical fashion. This symbolic languages separates the devoted and thirsty soul from the imprudent and reckless souls. The Bible delineates the characters of lowly, humble and obedient and distinguishes them from haughty, prideful and disobedient. There  great things to talk about the Bible which is unending and will only lead to fall short of words.

Lord Jesus Christ said “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” – John 5:39